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Rock Song: Can’t Run (Video Kickoff For Campaign)


I’ve started talking with people about launching a campaign, and I figured this song would be a good one to start with:

I’m gathering video clips now, and a few really amazing artists have agreed to have their work shown in the video. If you have a visual contribution that you feel would work well in a video about perseverance and accepting the sometimes painful process growth can require, then please do get in touch.

Here is a video that moved me, and shows the kind of work I will be doing in the future 🙂 Click on the image to hear a soulful and heartfelt cover of “Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life.”

Julia Westlin - Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life (Acapella Cover) Video 1024w, 1352w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Julia Westlin – Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life (Acapella Cover) Video

Artists, whose work will be included in the video as of January 16th, 2015 are:

Rob Secades

Rob-Secades-2015-01-16-FB 862w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Rob-Secades-2015-01-16-FB

Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir-Volegev-2015-01-16-FB 867w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Vladimir-Volegev-2015-01-16-FB

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, work, encouragement and support, to make it possible for me to release my work now…

This particular song was written and recorded in the late 90’s and was a part of a collaborative musical project I created. It would be super lovely, if everything “came together,” for a real, official release of the song w a meaningful and appealing video.

Feel free to think through how you may be able to support, encourage, benefit, and/or contribute.


Parenting Attitude

One possible solution parents may wish to think about, is applying the strategy of: parenting attitude.

There are several ways to interpret the phrase “parenting attitude.”

One way is to stop parenting behavior, and to start parenting attitude. Huh? What does that mean?

What I mean is: don’t focus on your child’s current behavior, instead focus on the “attitude” that results in the behavior being exhibited. Basically, it’s just: “take one step back and parent the attitude of your child instead of getting all huffy about momentary behavior.”

Really, this is the approach I use with my daughter, and when her friends visit, it is the approach I use with my daughter’s friends.

I can publish on “my single rule for happy babysitting” later.

So, anyway, I enjoy “parenting attitude” instead of just correcting momentary behavior. In general, it allows my daughter to make decisions for herself, while getting feedback from me about her attitude.

If she starts whining, I tell her I do not enjoy communicating with someone who is whining. Sometimes, the “whining” is because of a legitimate concern or issue or situation, and if I call her expression of her valid and true emotions “whining,” in general, my daughter will cry (or express unhappiness) and I will correct my behavior and exhibit more compassion and truly listen (which I generally do first, but sometimes people slip up).

But, if she is just whining because she wants an expensive toy that really needs to wait for a bigger occasion, or if she wants to eat donuts and only donuts for dinner, well, I can calmly state that I do not enjoy talking with people who are whining — and she — adjusts her demeanor.  Which is amazing to watch.

She goes from a negatively tuned, stomping, demanding girl (which is just simply not her “normal” character), to a reasonable, caring person with needs and wants and desires and the ability to express them effectively for someone her age.

So, I “parent attitude,” why? Because attitude comes before behavior, and because it works.

At least, it’s working for me, and if it helps you, awesome!

It’s also easy to compliment the “attitude” from which certain good decisions come.

Here are a few examples:

  • If she is on a high ledge and she gets scared and backs away from a more dangerous “play task” that other kids are doing, but she is not yet ready for, I can compliment her on her ability to judge her own skill level, and I can praise her for keeping herself safe.
  • If she accepts that I say we will not be purchasing that nasty bag of toxic sweets in the super appealing bag with the happy bunnies on it, I can say: I think it’s great that you were able to appreciate the nice artwork on that bag, that you found the package appealing, and that you accepted my “no we will not be buying those candies because they are unhealthy” so well. It is an absolute joy to go shopping with you, Emi, and you’ve seen many children crying and stomping in stores, with their parents sometimes even yelling at them. It’s such a relief we are not like that.
  • If she says excuse me after burping without my needing to remind her, I can compliment her on being polite.
  • If she really gets nasty and in a funk, I can ask “how are you feeling right now?” And without fail, there is a valid reason why her behavior is off (for a short time).

In general, we just have a pleasant, conversational, happy, fun parent-child experience.

I like it that I can summarize my parental strategy in two words: “parenting attitude.”

How else can one interpret the phrase “parenting attitude?”

Well, I can ask: what is your parenting attitude? There are parents who I have observed, and it really looks like their “parenting attitude” or “parental attitude” is one of constant annoyance with their children.

I find such a “parenting attitude” really uncomfortable, and I avoid parents like that. If I hear you insulting your child, you can bet I won’t be hanging out with you at the park anytime soon!

So, I would describe my parenting attitude as one that

  • parents attitude (LOL)
  • is calm caring and considerate
  • listens and understands
  • grants reasonable requests
  • allows exploration and fun
  • answers child-questions as well as possible
  • converses
  • keeps promises
  • is reliably “there for” my child
  • comforts
  • is dedicated to consistent kindness and honesty
  • is clear about specific dangers and how to avoid them
  • is preparatory, not reactive

…and probably some other descriptions. So that is my “parenting attitude.” 🙂


Requesting Money Not Owed

Effective Immediately For All Contracts Including Those Past

Requesting money not owed from dainis w michel carries the cost of 10x the requested amount, with the following additional fee schedule.

Requesting Money Not Owed Fee Schedule
Explains the costs accrued by requesting money not owed from dainis w michel. This version was published on November 26th, 2013 at 3:19 P.M. and sent to a party unfortunately engaged in requesting money not owed at that time.

This is a product all contract partners with dainis w michel agree to pay with no exception. If you insist on requesting money not owed to you (or your business or organization), then you are purchasing this product, for which the base service cost is 10x the requested amount.

If you are an ethical person, organization, or business, and you will never request money not owed to you, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This product is available only because unethical business people and exploitative government agencies have attempted to collect money not owed by dainis w michel. This product shields dainis w michel from the continuation of such destructive and unethical practices.

Text Description

Per Incident Fee: 1x the requested amount.

Personal Liability Fee: 2x the requested amount.

This is applicable to individual persons carrying out the requests for money not owed. For example, if you are a government agent engaged in requesting, demanding, or extorting money not owed from dainis w michel, you are personally liable to pay dainis w michel 2x the amount not owed.

Hiding behind “organizational titles” and/or government agency office names — is not an acceptable form of contracting with dainis w michel. Should you be found engaging in “requesting money not owed” from dainis w michel, you are personally liable for your actions in accordance with the published fee schedule.

Personal Visits: 1.000 Euro per visit in cash.

If you come to me personally, or you send your agents to me to try to “get” money not owed, each visit costs 1.000 Euro in cash.

Time: My time and attention are my most valuable assets. Seizing my time or attention for matters I have not agreed to devote my time or attention to, carries a fee of 200 Euro per hour excluding taxes, and excluding running costs.

I do not suggest any person, agency, or business — ever — purchase this product from me.

This product is valid across all time, space, dimensions, and realities.

For ethical contract partners, this contract clause poses absolutely no problem whatsoever.  Yet, if you are an unethical contract partner, unwilling to cease, or never, engage in requesting money not owed to you, then any and all contracts, agreements, ties, or obligations of any kind are NULL AND VOID. No interaction with such parties is allowed or desired — and dainis w michel is not liable to any laws, terms, arrangements or contracts made by such unethical contract partners.